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The debut album from Boston area black-thrash metalers.


released August 13, 2013

Produced by : Dan Gonzalez & Vrawsche
Engineered by : Dan Gonzalez & Igor Stolarsky

Mastered by : Jens Bogren
Artwork by : Seth Siro Anton



all rights reserved


Vrawsche Connecticut

VRAWSCHE is an American harmonic black thrash project of multi-instrumentalist and conservatory trained 8-string classical guitarist Brian Canzanella. Recorded in the summer of 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts, VRAWSCHE's debut album "Entrance" takes you on a sonic journey describing the downfall of the Western tradition. ... more

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Track Name: The Ophidian Offering
you’re bloated like pythons, from black-market deals.
the serpent is satan, he’s greasing your wheels.

raping the puppets, ingesting their blood,
spewing them homeless, into the mud.

crushing your hopes, murder your dreams.
ploughing you under, fertilizing schemes.

kill, kill, kill the filthy swine.
spill their blood and save their guts and crush their worthless spines.
kill, kill, killing all mankind.
squeezing souls and draining seeds manipulating minds.

kill, kill, kill the filthy swine.
the beast that crushed the city leaving all the pigs maligned
kill, kill, killing all mankind.
in a cave a race of slaves are readied for their time.
Track Name: Into the Transient Abyss
lost, like a child in the wild in a place i don’t know.
unreconciled, there is, nowhere to go.
at my back there is no slack so impatient and tight,
up in front i am blunt cutting through endless night.

what’s this space i’m in? what’s this place i’m in?
obliviously, it gets under my skin.
it’s alive and it’s dead, and its color is red,
no angels here cuz they don’t dare, dare to tread.

in this place i’m in, in this space i’m in,
crawling with maggots and original sin,
the only escape from this realm without shape
is to hope for a snake ?? ????? ??? ?? ????
to proffer the fruit that lies.
at the root that a monkey will bite
making day out of night

and i’ll creep, to my end, my strength i will spend.
i’m a worm, i’m a germ with no room to squirm.

starting again at square one i am now undone.
and the all, it will sprawl and i’m thankful to crawl.
Track Name: Longinus
i watch the clouds grow dark. black, oak, rain-lashed cross.
sky unloads, cracks, explodes, in thunderous token loss.
morsels for the slaves, to salve their monkey scrapes.
betrayed by my brothers, the reaper’s spiked jaw gapes.

where are you father? what is a soul?
where is dignity? destined for the hole.
as above, so below, water through the weirs
cutting into minerals, the music of the spheres.

ravens circle over me, purple, black, and wild.
craving holy tortured flesh, from the magic child.
thorns in my skull, lies have got you sold.
bastard child, in a manger, stealing magi gold!

the word of superego, celebrity is mine.
for all eternity, my halo’s gonna shine.
we’re viral in the bible, like a filthy cotton boll.
i’m drinking wine and talking shit, a life-size voodoo doll.

stick me with your nails, hot blood on my palms.
thrust your longche, into me, and dedicate your songs.
pushing out the product, when, all, hope is gone.
earning me a place, in the ancient pantheon.

let me die. now.
Track Name: Deceived
my mother taught me to say the word please,
like a dog before embers dying on its knees,
but warmth and affection is a two-way street,
now i know now father you were, a deadbeat,

who used my heart to wipe his feet,
and drained its heat like a piece of meat,
am i supposed to thank-you, for this bitch that i became?
you never even told me that life is just a game,
so i kept my head down and took all the blame.

waiting for the angel with the scythe and hood,
and the man in the pulpit, with his filthy mind control.
says if i displease him, he’ll burn my soul.
but guru on the mountaintop, says the human fountain never stops.

so many lost souls looking for nirvana,
the books, and the looks, and all the hags, and all the cults.

give relief to my mind and tormented rotten flesh.
hope i pass the test when the evil ones thresh.
where demons dwell and spend their time.
destroying the good and the bells that chime,
i will avenge the rape ignored by the pape,
and kill god dead, like an ape.

i’m gonna teach you to say the word please,
like a dog before embers dying on its knees.
Track Name: Entombed Existence
the world is a black cloud. my fragile ego plowed.
running from the little lies that other men devoured.
i can’t run no more. open the trapdoor.
buried alive, do not revive, i’m deep below the floor.

this exhausted pride, i am sat astride.
poison fog it chokes me when it takes me for a ride.
the noose it makes me smile, it only takes a while.
to blot out all the bile, so vile, that once just terrified.

i like telling lies. i like drinking blood.
i like being hypnotized and falling out of love.
every friend has gone. took off like a swan.
leaving me to thrash and splash while dreaming of the dawn.

suffocating fear, rock-face so sheer.
praying for the evil one to rescue me from here.
the noose it makes me cry, a circle in the sky.
when i go, i know, i will not ripple the veneer.

offer me a deal, make these gashes heal.
cover me in jet-black scales like a serpent made of steel.
and as my soul decayed, my talons each a blade.
swooping down, to drown in blood with terrifying zeal.

get it over quick. incinerate my meat.
put my name on all those lips there talking in the street.
i will place my ace. their world i will deface.
by showing i can disappear, but never be replaced.
Track Name: Osatan
offer you a deal before the oven does you in.
contract separates you from your dripping molten skin.
metamorphosize, sanctify, purify your soul.
expect complete respect, assume complete control.
sending ripples through the ground like geologic faults.
animate you with the energy of lightning bolts.

satan! lives. satan! cures. satan! kills. satan! rules.

spread your wings, prepare to kiss goodbye to nine to five.
bird’s eye views, flowing booze, and evil never dies.
fear no conscience, rape, defile, hack-chop those fuckers down.
feel free to euthanize the natives of this town.

i’m the one that burns the sea and makes the jungle die.
belching out the vapors that are poisoning their skies.

satan! lives. satan! cures. satan! kills. satan! rules.

all the coral reefs are full of scaly little thieves, alive.
animals are vectors for diseases that you won’t survive.
female of our species paint their face and always tell us lies.
chain you down to every jail they can devise, can devise, now.

say hello to slash and burn, my bird of paradise you’ll learn.
cash is more important than a precious planetary urn.
ash is more important than a body eaten by a worm.
turn the flesh, and burn the flesh, and learn the rest and pass the test,
then rape, defile, rape, defile, rape, defile, don’t rape, defile.
kill the father, and fuck the rest.
death to boys, eat female flesh, don’t fade away, keep up the presh.
now destroy, now destroy, now destroy...